Monday, June 12, 2006

It's probably not that usual for a religion to have an anti-drug site and an anti-drug campaign. But the Church of Scientology International and individual Scientology churches and missions are committed to helping people avoid the pitfalls for drug abuse and enabling them to overcome addication if they do succumb.

There us a Scientology anti-drug web site where anyone can find out the truth about the most comonly abused street drugs.

This site states is mission as follows:

At its core, the Church of Scientology’s drug prevention campaign is a grass-roots movement made up of people-Scientologists and non—Scientologists alike—who are united in the commitment to take action to combat drug abuse through effective education. After all—while we can keep fighting a war on drugs, it’s evident that unless we address the demand, that war will be lost.

Something can be done about drug abuse. And the component that makes it all possible is, invariably, the dedicated work of individuals—of people.