Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogging Against Drugs

I found a new blog that's blogging against drugs.
Kindred spirit.

Today's posting is about the Drug-Free Marshals. This is really an excellent program and very easy to implement.

Although it is sponsored by Scientology churches for the most part, any parent, teacher, concerned community leader - even kids - can start their own chapter.

Here's what Blogging Against Drugs had to say about them:

Drug-Free Marshals

My church is committed to handling the drug problem. One of the programs Scientology churches sponsor is aimed at kids, because the terrible fact is that drug use is starting at younger and younger ages, and children need to be made aware of the harm they cause so they can decide for themselves not to experiment with them.

There is information on the Drug-Free Marshals on the Scientology Anti-Drug web site. Here's some information on this:

"One of the most popular Scientology anti-drug programs is the Drug-Free Marshals (known as the Drug-Free Ambassadors in Australia and New Zealand and Drug-Free Kids in the UK).
'Drug-Free Marshals is based on the idea that if peer pressure and pro-drug propaganda can influence young people to take drugs, the reverse would work too,' said Reverend Jentzsch. 'The program provides the truth about drugs and a forum where youth can take a stand against drug use.'"